Mr. John Stivers

Mr. John Stivers

Assistant Director



 There are a large amount of scholarships available and some can save you thousands of dollars a year in tuition.  It is worth your time to review the list and see if you qualify for any of these.


Copies of all scholarships are available on the scholarship table located in the upstairs hallway beside the vending machines, below the fishbowl windows. If no materials are available, see Mr. Stivers for more copies. Please know that Mr. Stivers would be happy to assist you with these scholarship opportunities. Note! Many of these scholarships require essays and even other forms of documentation (one requires a video!). DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE! Below are the scholarships available to Region 10 seniors, in order of application due dates


Career & Technical Education Scholarships (Marine Corps Scholarship Fund): for students planning on attending a non-degree certificate program or vocational training that is 12 months or less at a community college or private career school. Due date unknown. Go to or get info from R10 office. By March 1 preferred, but open all year.


Aspirations Program–On-Course for College at NMCC (Northern Maine Community College): Qualified Maine high school students receive a full tuition waiver at NMCC for the first course each semester and a 50 percent tuition waiver for the second course (up to a maximum of six credits/two courses) each semester.  This applies to courses taken while simultaneously enrolled in a Maine high school. Apply to NMCC directly ASAP if interested.


Mainely Character Scholarship (FAME): For students pursuing post-secondary education who have and can demonstrate excellent character (whose elements include concern, responsibility, integrity, and courage). Apply online at By March 1


United Lodge #8  Educational Grant (Brunswick Lodge of Masons): Two $1000 educational grants for use at any accredited college, university, or trade school (MTA or BHS only). By March 11.


Brunswick Area Student Aid (Brunswick Area Student Aid Foundation): For students going on to post-secondary education who have financial need and who are from Brunswick or any towns served by SAD 75 (Mt. Ararat). One-year scholarship, renewable for a second year (but must reapply). Amount awarded based on financial need—Must have FAFSA done with info available. By March 15


National Association of Women in Construction (Maine Chapter 736): For high school seniors who will be enrolled in a post-secondary program that leads to a career in construction. Online application at By March 15


Work Ethic Scholarship Program (Mike Rowe Works Foundation): For students with an extraordinarily great work ethic and positive attitude! By March 28.


AGC Maine Scholarship (Associated General Contractors of Maine): For students going on to undergraduate study of engineering or construction management at an accredited Maine post- secondary school. Awards range from $1000 to $3000. Apply online at By March 31.


The Mitchell Scholarship (Senator George J. Mitchell Scholarship Research Institute): $9500 (in addition to many other additional kinds of scholarship grants!): Due by midnight on April 1, 2019:

 Online Mitchell Scholarship application
 High school transcript with mid-year grades
 Recommendation letter from a high school teacher, counselor, or principal
 Student Aid Report (SAR), a 5-9 page document generated by completing the FAFSA
Due by midnight on May 1, 2019:
 The acceptance letter for your top college choice
 The financial aid award letter for your top college choice


Richard H. Pierce Memorial Scholarship (Maine Education Services): $5000/year, renewable for up to four years; for students with financial need who will be attending post-secondary education two or four year degree-granting college). Due April 1st .


Stephen Phillips Scholarship (Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship Fund): Four year, renewable scholarships to students with financial need who display academic achievement, a commitment to serve others, a consistent history of part-time work, grit and passion for overcoming obstacles and/or achieving future goals, and leadership qualities. Early response deadline is April 3 if
students have already received financial aid info from the college they intend to attend. If early response is not necessary, Due by May 1.


George V. Soule Scholarship (Ruffled Grouse Society of Maine): $4000 to a student planning on postsecondary study of wildlife conservation, conservation law enforcement, forest management, or similar field. By April 5.


Police Athletic League Scholarship (Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office): Four PAL awards for $1000 to two boys and two girls living in Cumberland County. The Lt Robert E. Walsh award for $1000 is also available to a student pursuing a career in Law Enforcement. The scholarship emphasizes the relationship between athletic participation and achievement in life. By April 5. Print app from website


Peter Groves Scholarship (Peter Groves Scholarship Fund): Scholarships to students intending on pursuing post-secondary education in an automotive field with the thought of a career as a technician, manager, or owner of their own business. Award amounts dependent on assets available in a given year. By April 19.


Brant Williams Memorial Scholarship (Brant Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund—Mt. Ararat): for Harpswell residents graduating from Mt. Ararat pursuing post-secondary study or high school equivalency, especially those pursuing studies in technical fields such as boat building, drafting, graphic design, and information technology. $1000 award. By April 30


Continuing Education Grant (Brunswick Rotary Club): For R10 students entering any area of study after graduating. Emphasis on school involvement and community service. By April 30. Stephen Phillips Scholarship (Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship Fund): Four year, renewable scholarships to students with financial need who display academic achievement, a commitment to serve others, a consistent history of part-time work, grit and passion for overcoming obstacles and/or achieving future goals, and leadership qualities. By May 1

Maine Blue Collar Scholarship  (Maine Blue Collar Scholarship Foundation): 38 scholarships this spring ranging from $500 – $2500.  The only criteria is that the student is pursuing a career in the trades.  This scholarship can be utilized to purchase tools, uniforms, books or for tuition at a trade school.  That’s it! (and you have to submit an online application.) Due May 1.

Horch Roofing Scholarship  Horch Roofing is offering two $1000 scholarships to students going on to post-secondary study who want to work in a “trade-related field.”   I have put a new folder on the scholarship table with this information.  Due May 1


Jewish Community Alliance Recognition Awards (Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine): this organization has
1. a variety of different scholarships for Jewish students who are going on to post-secondary
education, and
2. a scholarship designated specifically for students entering school to become a registered nurse
By May 3.
Lewis P. Gallagher Foundation Scholarship (The Lewis P. Gallagher Foundation): For BHS
seniors who intent to pursue post-secondary study in a technical program or school, especially a
program that will benefit Maine’s business and industry. Due May 3.


Maine Innkeepers Scholarship (Maine Innkeepers Education Foundation): for students pursuing a career in lodging or foodservice—or for the children of any parents working in those fields. Award amount not published. The scholarship is forthcoming, but the application and deadline have not been determined as of this date. Interested students should check in with Mr. Stivers periodically. Typically by mid May.