PARKER SWANSON knew there was an alternative course: Region 10 Technical High School in Brunswick, which has more than 200 students from surrounding communities.
But that wasn’t the place for college-bound teens, he was informed.
But when the Bowdoin resident brought his parents to an open house at Region 10, their perception of technical education was turned on its head. Swanson has thrived there the past three years, stimulated by a hands-on method of learning that stands to serve him well in the years ahead.




“The teachers at Region 10 are invested in your success and work with you to make sure you do your very best.

The environment is more than welcoming…”

– Reagan Davis, Student

Region 10 Technical High School

The Mission of Region 10 Technical High School is to enrich the unique potential of each learner by enabling students to acquire knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for further education or for gainful employment. These goals will be achieved through education focused on individual and community needs, demonstration of responsible citizenship and professionalism, and acquisition of career and technical skills that meet both state and national standards.

Our Staff is dedicated to exploring students’ potential, discovering their innate talents and bringing these talents to light.  All our instructors are highly experienced and passionate about their subject area and have chosen to teach in order to ignite that passion in students. Their dedication is evident in the quality of work their students produce throughout the year. 

There are 14 full year programs at Region 10.  Many of these programs offer certification which shows evidence to future employers of the work completed and experience gained.  These certifications are specific to each program, and are widely recognized by prospective employers and college admission counselors, as a mark of excellence.


68 Church Road

Brunswick Maine 04011






M-F 8 a.m. -3 p.m.


Grade Levels: 9-12

Enrollment is open to students attending the following schools:

Mt. Ararat High School

Brunswick High School

Freeport High School

If the programs we offer are not available at your designated CTE, you are eligible to attend Region 10 Technical High School.

Staff Directory

PHONE: 207-729-6622


Shawn Chabot, Director, x 111 

John Stivers, Asst. Director, x 112 

Kellie Gardner, Office Mgr, x 110 

Sybill Brewer, Business Mgr/HR, x114

Barbara Gunn, Dir. of Student Support, x115

Marianne Field, COVID-19 Nurse


Cory Higgins, Welding, x 202

Wade Boudreau, Building, x 205

Bill Ross, Outdr PwrSports, x 203

Meg Blake, Early Childhood, x 225

Garry Carr, Auto Collision, x 212

Gabe Gargiulo, Auto Tech, x 222

Jay Danforth, E.M.T., x 116

Ward Boudreau, FOT, x 204, x207

Joanne McMahon, C.N.A., x 119

Jason Darling, English/Pre-Apprenticeship, x 120

Jean Palmer-Smith, x 123

Tim Dean, Culinary, x 121

Mary Giroux, General Trades, x 210

Mary Giroux, Dirigo Diner, x 209

Jana Boody-Billings, English/Social Studies, x 118

Michael Varsames, HVAC, x125

Jer Harper, JMG Classroom, x206


Mike Nelson, x 117,  email

Sandra McLellan, email

David Simmons, email



Student Handbook
Pre-School Info
Culinary Arts Menu

The Culinary Art Team will soon be offering lunches for pickup.  Stay tuned for updates about whan and how this will take place.



I love the staff and everyone at this school. Thank you for being part of my life and giving me my CNA license. I’m now currently working at The Highlands and I love it a lot! Thank you so much and I’m so proud to have been a student at Region Ten.”

Brittany Small


“We are so happy with Region 10 Technical High School. The education and training opportunities given there are amazing. The skills gained have helped our kids in many different parts of life. The instructors and administrators are truly invested in the students. We are so grateful for the education they received.”

Jena & David Merryman


“It’s personal, one on one learning and you get experience with the outside world. It’s a positive environment.  You matter here.”

Liz Alexander



Dynamic Learning PROGRAMS


Concurrent Enrollment Classes

Get In Touch

Location: 68 Church Road Brunswick, Maine 04011

Telephone: (207) 729-6622


School Hours: M-F: 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Get In Touch

Location: 68 Church Road Brunswick, Maine 04011

Telephone: (207) 729-6622


School Hours: M-F: 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Non-Discrimination Disclosure

Region 10 Technical High School offers career and technical instruction in the following Maine approved CTE programs: Auto Collision Repair, Automotive Technology, Building Trades, Certified Nursing​​​ Assistant, Culinary Arts, Early Childhood Education, EMT Basic, General Trades, Graphic Design & Illustration, Metal Fabrication/Welding, Outdoor Powersports, Pre-Apprenticeship, and Pre-Engineering. For detailed information on our programs and their associated prerequisites visit It is the policy of Region 10 Technical High School not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or disability in its educational programs and its employment practices. If you have questions, have witnessed, or have experienced acts of discrimination based on these criteria and wish to express a grievance please contact our Title IX/504 Coordinator, John Stivers at 207-729-6622 or ~Updated 08/2018

Maine Non-Discrimination Policy