Health Occupations/C.N.A.

INSTRUCTOR: Joanne McMahon;


The R10 Tech Health Occupations/C.N.A. program is a one-year program for juniors and seniors. 

The fastest growing career field in Maine is the medical field.  As you earn your Certified Nursing Assistant certification you will also be building your skills for all medical fields.  In the program you will get practical experience working with patients and become familiar with hospital and rehabilitation facility environments. 

Students interested in the Health Occupations/C.N.A. program must be at least 16 years of age as of September 1 of the current school year, have completed their sophomore year of high school, and have a history of strong attendance.


A student attending the health occupations/CNA program for 1 year who complies with the state mandated requirements for passing and attendance will know the basics of being a Certified Nursing Assistant, including hands-on patient care skills and medical terminology. Students will have completed over 70 hours of patient care within local community nursing facilities and be a Maine State Certified Nursing Assistant.


CURRICULUM CONTENT                       



♦  Advanced Anatomy & Physiology
♦  Medical Terminology 
♦  Ethics
♦  Pathophysiology
♦  Portfolio Development
♦  First Aid Certification
♦  CPR Certification
♦  Mandated Reporter Training
♦  Fire Extinguisher Training
♦  Dementia Care

  Basic Patient Care Skills
♦  Bed Making
♦  Shaving
♦  Adaptive Equipment(wheelchair, walker,
   crutches,, etc.)
♦  Hoyer Lift, Sit to Stand - Advanced Equipment
♦  Patient Positioning
♦  Vital Signs
♦  Bathing
♦  Daily Care
♦  Patient Feeding
♦  Patient Assessment
♦  Emotional Support

                                                 Textbook Used: NURSING ASSISTANT: A Nursing Process Approach
                                     by Barbara Acello & Barbara R. Hegner, 11th Edition, 2014


Maine Certified Industry Standards (CIP 51.0000)



***Freeport High School offers 1/2 credit for Science and 1/2 credit for Health.
***Brunswick High School offers 1 credit for Science.
***Mt. Ararat High School offers 1/2 credit for Health.