Culinary Arts



The Culinary Arts Program is designed as an intensive two year program that prepares a student to work in the exciting field of culinary arts. This program of study encompasses all areas of the field and a graduate will be ready to apply for advanced level jobs at any food establishments. Our program uses the curriculum designed by the Culinary Institute of America for beginning chefs and participates in competitions through Skills USA. Knowing your way around the professional kitchen will give you an edge in knowing what head chefs want. You will learn everything you need to get started in your career.


Diligent students who do two years in the Culinary Arts Program should be able to apply to any culinary establishment and get an advanced position in the kitchen. They could also use this program as an excellent way to jump start a college culinary program in order to excel immediately. Exceptional students with an entrepreneurial spirit can use this program as a path to their own food-related business some day. 

CURRICULUM CONTENT                       

► Sanitation/ Hygiene

► Menu /Event Planning 

► Nutrition & Diet

► Recipe Use / Measuring Methods

► Appetizers / Soups / Salads / Proteins

► Supervision / Management

► Quick Breads 

► Cost & Portion Control

► Budgeting

► Purchasing / Receiving / Storing

► Cheese & Dairy Products

► Safety

► Job Procedures / Resumes

► Local Foods

► Meats / Poultry / Shellfish

► Soups / Stocks / Sauces




Maine Certified Industry Standards (CIP 12.0503)


***Freeport High School offers 1/2 credit for Fine Art.