Building Trades

INSTRUCTOR: Marcel Giroux;


The R10 Tech Building Trades program is designed to introduce students to the skills necessary to succeed in the construction industry.  Students gain practical hands-on work experience both in the R10 Tech Building Trades shop and on job sites in the community. Students from Building Trades may join Skills USA to enhance their leadership skills and compete with students from other schools, both in-state and nationwide. 

Building Trades students learn both carpentry and masonry skills with the inclusion of a four-week unit in masonry.  Together, both areas offer entry level skills and experience for a career in the construction trades or for further education in community college programs.


Students that successfully complete two years of Building Trades will have the basic carpentry skills necessary to work successfully in the field of carpentry. With this foundation, they should be able to advance quickly with work experience and professional guidance on the job site.




♦  Hand Tool Use
♦  Power Tool Use
♦  Framing Techniques
♦  Floor Framing
♦  Wall Framing
♦  Ceiling Framing
♦  Roof Framing
♦  Sheathing Applications
♦  Roof Covering
♦  Siding
♦  Window & Door Installation
♦  Stair Construction

♦  Trade Math


♦   Safety
♦  Mason Tending
♦  Tools
♦  Introduction to Materials
♦  Block Laying
♦  Brick Laying
♦  Trade Terms
♦  Stair Construction
♦  Trade Math
♦  Intro to Concrete Estimating
   and Foundation Methods


   Textbook Used:  "Residential Construction Academy's Carpentry"
   by Floyd Vogt, 4th edition, 2016

Maine Certified Industry Standards

► General Construction Trades(CIP 46.0000)
► Carpentry/Carpenter(
CIP 46.0201)
► Mason/Masonry(
CIP 46.0101)



***Freeport & Brunswick High Schools offer 1/2 credit for Math.