Wade Boudreau, Building Trades

Wade Boudreau, Building Trades

Wade Boudreau

Hi and Welcome to Building Trades!

I am a builder and I always have been.   As young children, my twin brother Ward (who also works at Region 10) and I built blanket forts.  Then we moved on to tree forts and over the years it evolved to fine woodworking of all kinds.

We have built barns, framed out houses, created fine furniture, cabinetry and boats.  In fact, one of our recent designs was a stool with a handle, a simple antique design.  We were pleased with its classic look, but happier still when Andrew Wyeth’s nephew’s ordered 60 of them for holiday gifts! While I truly enjoy building everything under the sun, now what I love to do more than anything is teach others how to build. 

In my off time, I love to be out doors.   My brother Ward and I are marathon runners, we fish a lot too and sometimes build cabinets and deliver them by boat out to the islands!

I am very glad to hear of your interest and I hope to see you soon!