Gerry St. Denis, Welding & Metal Fab

Gerry St. Denis, Welding & Metal Fab

Gerry St. Denis

Hi!  Glad to hear you are interested in Welding!

I have been welding for a long time.  I had 10 years in the trades and then turned to teaching at Region 10 and I have been here for the last 34 years.  If you want to learn to weld, and weld correctly, so you cna get a job at BIW or if you know just how useful it will be from working on your boat or car, this is your class.

Outside of welding, I have many interests.  I love being on the water.  I have a boat and enjoy spending time on the water. I love to fish, especially bass and stripers.  Ice Hockey is my favorite game, all teams, no favorites.  I got to hold the Stanley cup once and see first hand all the names written on it…. Love the game.

I look forward to meeting you, reach out to me with any questions you may have.