Garry Carr,  Auto Coll. Repair
Garry Carr, Auto Coll. Repair

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Garry Carr


I’m glad you are interested in Auto Collision and Repair!


I was born for this job.  My last name is Carr … to make it even better, my initials spell out GMC!  So it’s fitting that I spend my time fixing them up and making them beautiful again.  I also am a Marshal Arts competitor and spend a good amount of time working on my body too! I love the challenge of competition!  I also enjoy relaxing outdoors and going to antique car shows.

We do a bit of everything in my class, we remove and replace body parts, we sand, we weld, we paint and we polish.  Every day is different and every job is a bit of a puzzle and a challenge.  There are a huge amount of jobs available in this field and not enough people to fill them.  No matter what you choose to do after this course, it will always come in handy.