Cory Higgins, Welding & Metal Fab

Cory Higgins, Welding & Metal Fab

Cory Higgins

Hi!  Glad to hear you are interested in Welding!

My name is Cory Higgins I am the Welding instructor here at Region Ten.

I am a former graduate of Brunswick High School and Region Ten, I graduated here as a National Honors student for Metal Fab and Welding. I went on to WCCC for Heavy Equipment Operation where I furthered my welding knowledge by welding on their equipment.

After college I worked at BIW as a welder on the naval ships for a few years but found it wasn’t the place for me, I then became a Heavy Equipment Operator for R.A. Webber and sons where I also repaired/ welded on their equipment and plow trucks and I continue to have a relationship with the company. I hope to get some real world welding repairs from them for the students to learn on such as excavator buckets.

A little about myself. I’m an outdoors man, I love spending time in nature. I also have a Harley Davidson that I enjoy riding as much as possible. I’m excited to be teaching students how to weld. Welding has always been my passion for the past ten years and I’m glad I’m able to pass on this very important skill to the next generation.