Early Childhood Technical Career Information



Center Based Childcare Provider: (21k-42k)

A Child Care Provider is someone who provides supervision and care for children’s basic needs in childcare facilities. They perform a range of duties including preparing meals, creating lesson plans and helping children with homework. Also known as a Day Care Worker or Child Care Worker.

Assistant Early Childhood Educator: (27k-31k)

The Childcare Assistant will work closely with the Childcare Teacher in conducting daily duties such as preparing and serving meals, changing diapers, writing daily reports, recording attendance, engaging in play, assisting to put children to sleep, and creating a safe environment.

Special Education Educational Technician: (42k-54k)

An educational technician works in a school providing support services to teachers. … Your job duties include helping students study the daily learning material, designing activity plans for students, supporting teachers by grading papers, and assisting with department-wide administrative duties.

Elementary School Educational Technician: (29k-55k)

Educational technicians provide supportive educational services for students in K-12 schools and often provide instruction for children with disabilities. Educational Technicians who assist in the special education classrooms are supported by the special education teachers.