Culinary Arts Professional Career Information



Executive Chef 60-86k

Before and during meals, an executive chef oversees prep work and ensures that all meals leaving the kitchen are consistent in presentation and quality. An executive chef must be active cost controlling and maintain of food cost. supervise/coordinate all related culinary activities.

Private Club and Resort Manager 59-103k

As a resort manager, your job will include managing all aspects of a resort, including lodging, food and beverage management, human resources, housekeeping, attractions, and guest services. You’ll be in charge of employees, finances, customer service, promotions, and quality control.

Restaurant Owner 33k-150k

Restaurant owners are responsible for the daily operations of a restaurant as well as its overall direction, profitability, and reputation. Since they determine their own tasks, their work can vary widely depending on their approach and the restaurant’s size. Some restaurant owners are extremely hands-on, helping out in the kitchen and interacting with customers, while others hire managers and focus on strategic planning. In any case, they spend much of their time supervising employees, directing operations, and finding ways to adapt to customers and industry trends. While the job is stressful and demanding, often resulting in more than 40 hours per week, most restaurant owners describe it as extremely satisfying.

Restaurant Manager 34k-74k

Restaurant Manager are responsible for leading and managing restaurants. They may be responsible for different tasks such as restaurant marketing strategies, recruiting and hiring restaurant staff, training, overseeing food quality, developing menus as well as greeting and serving restaurant guests.

Hotel Management Positions 53k-170k

A Hotel Manager oversees all operations and day-to-day activities in a hotel organization. They take on a variety of duties including managing everything from accounting, sales, business development, and customer service. Also referred to as a Hotel Operations Manager.

Entrepreneur 52k-190k

As the SBA outlines, most entrepreneurs are owners or founders of a company. They help establish a business, usually as a small one, and then work to expand the business in hopes of earning more profits. This typically leads to increased employment of workers.