Registered Nurse – (Salary: $46,000-$86,000)

A Registered Nurse (RN) primarily cares for patients by monitoring them, administering medications, consulting with health care providers, updating patient records and educating patients and their patients’ families on disease and post-hospital treatment.


Fire Chief – (Salary: $46,000-$134,000)

The Fire Chief is the Chief Executive Officer of the Fire Department, appointed by and responsible to the Fire Board for the effective, efficient and legal conduct of the fire department and its employees. The Fire Chief performs a variety of technical, administrative and supervisory work in planning, organizing, directing, and implementing all aspects of the fire department. Such work includes, but is not limited to, creating and maintaining department policies and budgets, ensuring required records are submitted complete and accurate, and ensuring all department services are continually monitored to prevent the loss of life and property by fire and/or emergency medical conditions.


Physician Assistant – (Salary: $90,000-$130,000)

Physician assistants examine patients, prescribe medicine, and order diagnostic tests. In most cases, they work under the supervision of physicians or surgeons, but they can work more independently in some states, rural areas, and inner-city areas, consulting with physicians only when they need help with cases.


Dentist – Salary: $120,000-$210,000)

Dentists diagnose and treat dental issues and help patients develop better oral hygiene regimens. They clean teeth, correct bite issues, perform surgeries and extractions and perform other duties to ensure that the teeth and mouth are healthy.


Athletic Trainer – Salary: $32,000-$67,000)

Athletic Trainers work with medical professionals, coaches and athletes to ensure that players are ready to play, maintain proper diets, and receive proper treatment in the event of illness or injury. They evaluate the physical condition of athletes, assist with establishing dietary and fitness plans, and use their knowledge of sports-related injuries to diagnose and treat players.


Emergency Management Specialist – Salary: $66,000-$92,000)

Emergency Management Specialists plan for and coordinate emergency response programs and activities for natural, wartime, and technological disasters or hostage situations. They will also work behind the scenes to coordinate and provide disaster preparedness training.


Hospital Administration – (Salary: $53,000-$91,000)

Hospital Administrators are responsible for organizing and overseeing the health services and daily activities of a hospital or healthcare facility. They manage staff and budgets, communicate between departments, and ensure adequate patient care amongst other duties.


Chiropractor – (Salary: $44,000-$82,000)

Chiropractors care for patients with health problems of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system, which includes nerves, bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. They use spinal adjustments and manipulation, as well as other clinical interventions, to manage patients’ health concerns, such as back and neck pain.


Physician – (Salary: $150,000-$380,000)

Physicians and surgeons diagnose and treat injuries or illnesses. Physicians examine patients; take medical histories; prescribe medications; and order, perform, and interpret diagnostic tests. They often counsel patients on diet, hygiene, and preventive healthcare.


Pharmacist – (Salary: $120,000-$150,000)

Pharmacist Job Responsibilities: Prepares medications by reviewing and interpreting physician orders and detecting therapeutic incompatibilities. Dispenses medications by compounding, packaging, and labeling pharmaceuticals. Controls medications by monitoring drug therapies; advising interventions.