INSTRUCTOR: Jason Darling;


The R10 Tech Pre-Apprenticeship program offers students the chance to earn credit while working or interning.  Students are monitored regularly at the job site by the R10 Tech instructor, who also completes periodic, documented evaluations of student performance at the job site.

Pre-Apprenticeship also includes attendance at three afternoon classes each week.  Topics covered include: job readiness skills, career exploration and financial literacy.  Through the Pre-Apprenticeship program, learning is maximized by combining classroom instruction with the experience of real work.


A student attending the Pre-Apprenticeship program for one year who puts in a reasonable effort and maintains acceptable attendance will have strong workplace readiness skills, as well as an understanding of workplace systems, policies, and procedures. The student will also be well versed in the beginning stages of financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

CURRICULUM CONTENT                       

Workplace Readiness Skills

   - Personal Qualities and People Skills
   - Positive Work Ethic
   - Integrity
   - Teamwork
   - Self-representation
   - Diversity Awareness
   - Conflict Resolution
   - Creativity and Resourcefulness
   - Leadership Skills

Professional Knowledge and Skills

   - Employment plan
   - Transition plan
   - Career Research and planning
   - Communication Skills
   - Technical reading and writing
   - Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
   - Job related technology skills

Organizations, Systems and Climates

   - Job acquisition and advancement
   - The Global  Workforce
   - Entrepreneurship

Financial Literacy

   - Wages, benefits, taxes
   - Budgeting
   - Financial vocabulary
   - Banking: terminology and skills
   - Credit/Debit
   - Loans


Maine Certified Industry Standards (CIP 99.1000 )



*** 3.0 elective credits from their Sending School