Graphic Design & Illustration

INSTRUCTOR: Rik Belanger;


The Graphic Design Illustration program introduces students to the world of graphic design and illustration through a combination of classroom training and work with industry-recognized Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Students will gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to conceptualize, plan, prepare and problem solve a number of graphic communication problems while utilizing principles and elements of design to create original art, logos, brochures, packages, posters, character illustrations and more. Students will be given the opportunity and encouraged to compete in the Maine State SkillsUSA competition as well as other art and design contests.

Utilizing national, state, and local resources including standards set by GAERF (Graphic Arts Education and Research Foundation) and the Maine Department of Education, students will have the opportunity to earn professional certifications from SkillsUSA and/or Adobe Certified Associate upon successful completion on the ACA exam. 

For more information please visit our R10 Tech Graphic Design dedicated website to see a complete list of industry standards, textbook curriculum, and career opportunities including animation, illustration and video game related industries. There you will also find examples of student work and more about Mr. Belanger, the program instructor. Currently class meets Monday-Friday for 2.5 hours in the AM session only.

Candidates must have successfully completed related courses or be able to demonstrate evidence of computer operation skills and drawing skills.

CURRICULUM CONTENT                       

♦  Principles and Elements of Design
♦  File Organization and Management 
♦  Color Theory
♦  Typography
♦  The Creative Process
♦  Image Resolution
♦  Adobe Photoshop 

♦  Adobe Illustrator                        
♦  Adobe InDesign
♦  Composition
♦  Digital Painting
♦  Ergonomics
♦  Portfolio Website



Maine Certified Industry Standards ( 50.0402)


***Brunswick High School offers 1 credit for Fine Art.
***Mt. Ararat High School offers 1/2 credit for Fine Art.
***Freeport High School offers 1/2 credit for Fine Art.


Graduating students have attended many 2 and 4 year graphic design related programs throughout the United States.