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The R10 Tech EMT Basic program is a one-year program with a second year opportunity in either Health Occupations/CNA or Pre-Apprenticeship.  The field of pre-hospital care is an exciting extension of the medical profession and a great starting point for anyone interested in going into any medical field.  It is also an integral part of the fire service in most communities; most fire departments require EMT as a minimum level of medical training.  Many police department’s pay additional stipends for officers EMT trained.  This is the beginning level of training that is required to be accepted into advanced/paramedic training.  This is the minimum level of training to work on an ambulance. Many people in the medical field start off as EMTs, which can lead to many areas of the medical field.  Some disciplines of the medical field, such as physician assistant (PA), only accept students with medical care experience.  Many EMTs move up to become PAs.  This program is a great way for students interested in the medical field to get an early start.  For any students interested in public safety, the EMT program is a must for a head start.


A student attending the Emergency Medical Technician Program for one year who puts in a reasonable effort and maintains acceptable attendance will know how to provide basic emergency medical care for a sick or injured patient and be able to function as a pre-hospital medical provider in a variety of settings, including the care and ambulance transport of a patient to the hospital.

CURRICULUM CONTENT                       

♦  Emergency Medical Services Systems

♦  Workforce Safety & Wellness

♦  Medical, Legal and Ethical Issues

♦  Communication & Documentation

♦  Anatomy & Physiology

♦  Life Span Development

♦  Pharmacology

♦  Patient Assessment

♦  Airway Management

♦  Medical Emergencies

♦  Trauma Emergencies

♦  Childbirth

♦  Pediatrics

♦  Ambulance Operations


Pearson, Prehospital Emergency Care, 10th edition, Mistovich, Karen


Maine Certified Industry Standards (CIP 51.0904)



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