General Trades

INSTRUCTOR: Wade Boudreau;


The General Trades Employability Skills Program is a multi-year training program designed to prepare students for entry-level employment or placement in another R10 Tech program.

The General Trades student should:

  • Be able to work independently
  • Be self-motivated
  • Be able to follow directions
  • Possess basic life skills
  • Understand the concept of work

Returning students may work in specific areas of interest through community job-sites where they will continue to enhance their career interests.


Students who attend this program will receive hands-on experience in customer service, food service, carpentry, lawn and garden care and auto detailing. This is accomplished through work in the classroom, White Owl Café and workshop. The emphasis is on the development of personal and interpersonal skills, job safety, attitude, behaviors, and basic skills common to all trades.

CURRICULUM CONTENT                       

♦  Professional Attributes
♦  Communication
♦  Critical Thinking and Creativity
♦  Career Preparation/Portfolio
♦  Customer Service
♦  Food Service and Safety
♦  Work Safety
♦  Grounds-keeping
♦  Automotive Reconditioning
♦  Carpentry Tools and Safety


*Money and Mathematics: by Prentice Hall General Reference, 1993                                                   

*Communicating In The Classroom: by Kathleen Kougl, 1997                                  

*Life Skills for the 21st Century: Suzanne Weixel/Faithe Wempen, revised 1st Edition, 2015                                        Construction Safety-

*Professionalism Skills For Workplace Success: Lydia E. Anderson/Sandra B. Bolt, 4th Edition, 2016                

Maine Certified Industry Standards (CIP 99.8000)**
Highlighted Items are Areas covered in General Trades