Metal Fabrication/Welding

INSTRUCTOR: Gerry St. Denis;


The Metal Fabrication & Welding program provides students with real world experience and the ability to graduate with certifications sought by employers. The curriculum offers practical skills in fabrication, layout, and welding with theory and welding practice. A wide range of skills surrounding welding are presented. The students will be trained in many forms of welding using up-to-date equipment. They include; Oxyacetylene Cutting, Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), as well as Pulse M.I.G and Flux-core Welding and Arc Gouging and Cutting (air arc). Students are required to take the AWS Welding Certification Exam.


A student attending the Metal Fabrication/Welding Program for two years, who puts in a reasonable effort and maintains acceptable attendance, should be capable of passing the American Welding Society structural welding certification test.  With the current demands for skilled welders, they should also be able to obtain gainful employment in the industry.


CURRICULUM CONTENT                       

♦  Welding/Shop Safety Practices
♦  Hand Tool and Machine Safety 
♦  Welding Processes
♦  Welding Joints Design
♦  Oxy-fuel Setup/Cutting
♦  GMAW Theory and Process
♦  Intro to Metal Identification
♦  Basic Metal Fabrication
    Layout Techniques & Measurement   
♦  Advanced SMAW
♦  Electrode Identification
♦  Welding Drawings

  GTAW Theory and Process
Plasma Arc Cutting Theory and Process
♦  Advanced Welding Drawings
♦  Welding Symbols
♦  Blueprint Reading
♦  Intro to Computer Guided Plasma Cutting
♦  SMAW Shielded Metal/Arc Welding
♦  FCAW Flux-core Arc Welding
♦  Intro to Sheering, Bending &
    Metal Forming Equipment


Maine Certified Industry Standards (CIP 48.0508)



***Freeport High School offers 1/2 credit for Science and 1/2 credit for Math.